The Mole Lady Frequently Asked Questions

How come the moles are in my yard and not my neighbors?

Perhaps your neighbor doesn't know what to look for. In the summer months if you're the only one in your neighborhood watering chances are the moles are going to be spending most of their time in your yard because all of the things they like to eat ( worms, crane fly larvae, Japanese beetle etc.) are found in a moist yard.

Also, new top soil is a major attraction to moles containing all of the things they enjoy feeding on. Bottom line, the reason you have moles is because there's a source of food there and tunnels built to get to the food.

Do moles hibernate?

No, they do not have the ability to store fat.

How many trips do you make?

Until the mole is caught or there is no more activity.

What do you do with the mole when you catch him.

We place him in a zip lock bag, then we place that in a brown paper bag and label it "one dead mole" or how ever many you had in your yard and leave it by the front door with a bill.

Will the mole eat the plants in my yard?

No, they are meat eaters. They might disturb the roots of plants getting to their food.

Do you guarantee that you'll catch my mole?

Nobody can. We bring many years of knowledge and experience to your aid, but ultimately it's hunting. There can be variables that are out of our control.

What is the difference between a gopher and a mole?

Gophers are herbivores and moles are primarily insectivores.