About The Mole Lady

The Mole Lady specializes in professional, prompt and effective mole extermination in the South King County area since 2000. Our service is chemical/pesticide free and delivers a visible, positive "catch" so that you know the problem animal has been eradicated. In this business there's no such thing as over-kill!

Our service usually takes one week and for most (but not all) average sized yards there are usually one or two moles. Occasionally after we place our equipment the mole will leave. If this happens we will leave it there for one more week as there is a 50/50 chance that the animal will return.

IMPORTANT! We always tell people to treat all mole activity like a crime scene. Do not touch any thing before you call us. The less you touch the easier it is for us to "investigate and solve the crime". Also, please let us know about any: pets, locked gates, gate codes, under ground wires, pipes etc.